The Simply Coaching Summit "RESET" was created to give Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders + Instructional Leaders a boost of confidence in coaching mid-year!

This ONE DAY ONLINE LIVE event will give you the “How To” in the best Instructional Coaching Practices. The presenters are coaching currently in the field and will equip you with the tools needed and give you the exclusive insight into the world of instructional coaching to increase student achievement by supporting classroom teachers across the world.

Our summit is the first online conference dedicated exclusively to Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders + Instructional Leaders.

You can attend this event virtually from anywhere in the world.

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December 30, 2019

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Meet Your Host

Nicole S. Turner is an educational consultant, author, owner and creative director at Simply Coaching + Teaching, LLC. She is the creator of the Simply Coaching Summit, the first and only virtual summit exclusively for instructional coaches and teacher leaders and the author of "Simply Instructional Coaching". In addition, she serves teachers and students in the capacity of an Instructional Coach in Indianapolis, IN. Nicole has 15 years of K-12 classroom and leadership experience from classroom teacher to school improvement and turnaround specialist for the Indiana Department of Education and many roles in between. 

Session Presenters

Gretchen is an elementary educator turned teacher coach and trainer. She has taught grades 2,3 and 5 in a large, urban school district. Gretchen later worked with The New Teacher Project [TNTP] at TEACH Charlotte to coach new teachers in grades K-12. She now speaks at various educational conferences, provides professional development to schools and districts nationwide as well as virtually coaches teachers and teacher leaders under her own company, Always A Lesson. 

Melanie is an educator with over two decades of experience teaching students and training educators. She is a national trainer, consultant, instructional coach and speaker who love improving teachers' instructional capacity. During her journey, she has worked with schools, districts, and organizations serving as a thought partner and leader in improving the quality of instruction.

Chrissy Beltran, creator of Buzzing with Ms. B, is an educational consultant & coach. She spends her days working with teachers and coaches to engage their students in quality reading and writing experiences, creating resources to support teachers in planning and delivering exciting lessons, and blogging at! Chrissy spent 14 years in elementary education in El Paso, Texas as a teacher and instructional coach. She is also a mom to a very bossy toddler and wife to her long-suffering husband.

Nita Creekmore is an Instructional Coach who lives just outside Atlanta, GA. Nita is originally from Woodbridge, Virginia. She taught in grades 1, 2 and 5 for 13 years before becoming an Elementary School Instructional Coach. Nita obtained her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2002 and her Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership in 2013. In the 16 years she has been in education, she truly believes that in all aspects of the field, relationships must always come first.

Mrs. Crystal Ceresani is an elementary/middle school instructional coach in a rural school system in South Georgia. Over the last 4 years, she's researched and supported deeper learning for all students by helping teachers dig into data and its uses, implement new strategies, and promote differentiation as a norm in the classroom. Crystal aspires to make an impact in education that ultimately benefits student achievement, and she knows the best way to create a change in how students learn is by changing how educators learn. It is her goal to continue to help teachers grow and to share ways to use data in the school and classroom to best know where students are and how to best reach them.
Allison Petersen is in her sixth year as a K-12 Independent School Instructional Coach. She has launched two Instructional Coaching programs: one at her former school in Atlanta, where she led a team of seven Instructional Coaches, and she has recently moved to Florida to start a new program. She realized early in her teaching career that she loved encouraging and supporting teachers. After teaching Middle School English for eight years, she stepped out of the classroom to train and coach teachers. Her personal mission is to empower educational leaders to grow continually and lead from faith.

LIVE Broadcast Training Schedule

Presenters will go live at the times listed on the schedule. All times are Eastern Standard Time. All sessions are interactive with Q & A. Each presenter will have a guide for participants to follow along.

Do you dread preparing PD for teachers? Are you a PowerPoint presenter? This session will show you how to create a highly engaged professional development that will get your teachers thinking, learning and engaged with the content without the 40 slide presentation. 

At the end of the day, our core goal as instructional leaders is to have a positive impact on student achievement, and what better way to do that than to help teachers with their Tier 1 instruction. During this session, you will be given some advice on working with teachers on content planning. We will dig into breaking down standards, aligning lessons, choosing instructional and assessment strategies, and looking at the quality of assessments. It’s for any content and you’ll have actionable takeaways to implement immediately.

One way to support teachers with the biggest impact immediately is to conduct classroom observations with intention. By following this proven before, during and after observation process, you will be able to increase teacher proficiency and student achievement in the classroom. This session will provide the roadmap to implementing an effective teacher observation system in your school while sharing tips and strategies to provide targeted, personalized support to teachers.

We've all worked with teachers who aren't excited to have us around...and some who are pretty up-front about it. In this interactive session, Chrissy provides a roadmap for working with difficult teachers. Learn how to identify the resistance, clarify your role, engage challenging teachers in coaching relationships, and change your mindset.

Self-reflection is at the heart of all we do as instructional coaches. Not only do we help teachers reflect on their instruction, we also use it to improve our practice. Reflection isn’t something you do just at the end of the school year; it’s an important routine you should practice year-round. When you join me in this session, you will learn exactly what you should R.E.F.L.E.C.T. on to Grow, and how it directly impacts your work.

One of the biggest angst of being a coach can be hosting data digs. Part of it could be of the blame game occurring and some of it can be where do you begin. This session will discuss hosting a data dig and the why or why not of having a Data Wall.

Replay Pass comes with Bonus Content

"Keeping Your Cool: How to Manage Emotions while Coaching" Presented by Allison Peterson

Emotions often run high in coaching. As coaches we are working to create change and change can be hard for teachers to embrace. Teachers can have varying emotional responses to change, and as a coach, you are often on the receiving end of other’s feelings. As thoughtful coaches, we need ways to support teachers in their emotions and control our own reactions. In this bonus session, you will learn 4 simple and practical strategies for "keeping cool" while coaching.

What People Are Saying...

"I have been an instructional coach for 5 years and have found it challenging to find PD that is designed specifically for coaches. This Summit gave me exactly what I needed to grow as a coach. I'm excited and inspired to implement the actionable take-aways. I loved being able to pause the videos and create some of the strategies that I needed immediately. I'm already looking forward to the next Summit!"

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Instructional Coach

"These sessions were extremely valuable and timely. I am encouraging my fellow coaches to attend."

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Instructional Coach

"This was so helpful to me as a new instructional coach! I can't wait for next year!"

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Instructional Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

The Simply Coaching Summit “RESET” will take place via the internet. Registered participants will be able to access and attend the One Day LIVE EVENT from a computer or mobile device with internet access.

The One-Day LIVE event will take place on December 30, 2019. 

The Live Broadcast will begin at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

The One Day LIVE Event will take place online through the internet. All sessions will be available via a link in the Simply Coaching Summit "Reset" Platform.

You do not have to travel to participate. All sessions will be accessed through the summit website.  All registered participants will be provided with login access upon registration to the summit. If any participate chooses he/she can access the platform prior to the summit start date to familiarize themselves with the site. 

Yes. All sessions are recorded and will be available LIVE while the sessions are being broadcast to Free Pass registered attendees. For those who have purchased an Replay Pass all videos will be available on demand for 6 months (June 30, 2020) following the event.   

Yes, registration for the event is required. It is important for all attendees to register so that we can get a complete count of participants to prepare for future summits.

Below in the offers section of the site you can register for the Free or Replay Pass. 

Yes. But be sure to check the price! The Early Bird Price of $19 will go away December 6, 2019. The regular price ticket is $25 starting December 7, 2019.

You can access the One-Day Event site at any time after you have registered for a pass. During registration, you will create your own username and password. You are encouraged to log in, explore and familiarize yourself with the features of the site. Session handouts will be available in the site 1 week before the summit "Reset" begins so that you can download and create your note-taking binder.

Yes. All session presenters will have a note-taking guide that accompanies their presentation. Those Note-Taking guides will be compiled into one big summit "RESET" book that can be downloaded and printer and placed in a binder. For those who have purchased the Replay Pass, the note-taking guides will also be available under each video session for single download. Materials will remain on the site for six months.

Yes.  This is a LIVE EVENT! Presenters will be able to read your questions and answer them live during the presentations.  All presenters have created Q & A opportunities with their presentations. 

If you are an Replay Pass holder you will have the opportunity to download your certificate after you have watched all of the videos. The certificate will be released at the bottom of the Simply Coaching Summit "RESET" video platform. Free Pass holders will not be issued a certificate right away. You can email to inquire about a professional development certificate pricing.

If you are a Replay Pass holder you will have the opportunity to earn 6 hours of Professional Development.

Every state has different requirements for what they will accept. Check with your specific state’s licensing agency to see if the summit meets their guidelines. In addition to signed certificates, we will be providing a course summary, learning objectives, and speaker bios for each Session in a download.

Yes! Just be sure that every individual registers for the Free Access Pass to the Summit. However, you cannot watch the summit together in a group after the live Broadcast week. It is required for each person to have a license to watch the videos pass the LIVE broadcast. Please email to inquire about a discounted location license.

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