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The Simply Coaching Summit "RESET" was created to give Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders + Instructional Leaders a boost of confidence in coaching mid-year!

This ONE DAY ONLINE event will give you the “How To” in the best Instructional Coaching Practices. The presenters are coaching currently in the field and will equip you with the tools needed and give you the exclusive insight into the world of instructional coaching to increase student achievement by supporting classroom teachers across the world.

Our summit is the first online conference dedicated exclusively to Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders + Instructional Leaders.

You can attend this event virtually from anywhere in the world.

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Summit Host & Sponsor Nicole S. Turner

Nicole S. Turner is an author and Founding CEO at Simply Coaching + Teaching, LLC. She is the creator of the Simply Coaching Summit, the first and only virtual summit exclusively for instructional coaches and teacher leaders and the author of "Simply Instructional Coaching". In addition, she serves teachers and students in the capacity of an Instructional Coach in Indianapolis, IN. Nicole has 15 years of K-12 classroom and leadership experience from classroom teacher to school improvement and turnaround specialist for the Indiana Department of Education and many roles in between. 

LIVE Keynote with Steve Ventura

Steve Ventura

President, Lead PD Consultant for Advanced Collaborative Solutions 

Steve Ventura is the president and lead consultant at Advanced Collaborative Solutions. He is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high-stakes professional development armed with practical, research-based strategies. Steve is a former elementary and secondary teacher as well as both a school and district-level administrator. Steve has published multiple books and articles, and regularly presents and keynotes at major global education events.

Steve can be reached at [email protected]

Session Presenters

Gretchen is an elementary educator turned teacher coach and trainer. She has taught grades 2,3 and 5 in a large, urban school district. Gretchen later worked with The New Teacher Project [TNTP] at TEACH Charlotte to coach new teachers in grades K-12. She now speaks at various educational conferences, provides professional development to schools and districts nationwide as well as virtually coaches teachers and teacher leaders under her own company, Always A Lesson. 

Chrissy is the creator of Buzzing with Ms. B, is an educational consultant & coach. She spends her days working with teachers and coaches to engage their students in quality reading and writing experiences, creating resources to support teachers in planning and delivering exciting lessons, and blogging at buzzingwithmsb.com! Chrissy spent 14 years in K-5 education in El Paso, Texas as a teacher and instructional coach. She is also a mom to a very bossy toddler and wife to her long-suffering husband.

Nita is an Instructional Coach who lives just outside Atlanta, GA. Nita is originally from Woodbridge, Virginia. She taught in grades 1, 2 and 5 for 13 years before becoming an Elementary School Instructional Coach. Nita obtained her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2002 and her Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership in 2013. In the 16 years she has been in education, she truly believes that in all aspects of the field, relationships must always come first.

Adrienne from Metro-Detroit, MI has been in education for 15 years doing parent involvement work, teaching, and leadership; serving in public, private and charter schools in the US, Qatar, and China. She is the owner of Worldwide Educator, LLC an education consulting company focused on empowering educators to own their instructional genius while activating students.

Crystal is an instructional coach turned Asst. Principal in South Georgia. Crystal helps teachers dig into data and its uses, implement new strategies, and promote differentiation as a norm in the classroom. It is her mission to continue to help teachers grow and to share ways to use data in the school and classroom to best know where students are and how to best reach them. 

Allison is the founder of Faithful Coaching & Consulting. She helps independent schools start instructional coaching programs, and provides training and support for instructional coaches. She recently launched the #NewtoCoaching Facebook Group to support and encourage new coaches. Allison has been an instructional coach for six years and currently works as a K-12 Instructional Coach at an independent school in Georgia.

Samantha is an Instructional Coach in Round Rock ISD in Round Rock, Texas. Samantha has been supporting & coaching educators in areas of Early Literacy for the past 4 years. She has a strong desire to support the learning of fellow coaches as they navigate through their journey to become the best version of their coaching self! Samantha is the owner and founder of Your Coaches Corner, a digital tracking & organization system for instructional coaches. 

Tia has an unwavering love for supporting students and teachers. She has been an educator for 15 years with experience as an elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, and now as a literacy coach for Gwinnett County Public Schools in Atlanta, Ga. She is a wife, mom, and author.

Alison is a Learning Coach at an elementary school in Texas. She previously taught first grade for 10 years. Her passion is to help teachers strive for high levels of learning for all students in their classrooms. She is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and a Seesaw Certified Educator. She lives with her husband Brian and 3 children on a small farm in Texas. One of her favorite things to do is take care of her chickens.

Jenny is in her 20th year in the field of education. She is the Secondary Literacy Instructional Facilitator for grades 5-12 at Benton School District in Benton, Arkansas, where she also serves as the District Testing Coordinator. She taught secondary English for 14 years before stepping into the role of instructional facilitator. She is a RISE 3-6 Science of Reading Trainer in Arkansas. Training and supporting teachers to be the best version of themselves they can be in the classroom is one of her main goals.

Tyler has been an educator for 11 years. He spent seven years in the classroom before becoming an Instructional Coach…this is his fourth year as a coach, and absolutely adore his job! Tyler holds a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Florida State University and a Masters in Ed. Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. He currently lives in Tallahassee, FL with his husband, Hunter, and their fur baby Willow!

Kimberly's experience in the field of education created the groundwork for her role as a virtual coach.  Kimberly enjoys supporting educator growth through collaborative, virtual experiences. She believes the power of video reflection can make a profound impact on teaching and student learning. Kimberly lives in the northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula with her husband and has four spirited sons. 

Jennifer is an English Teacher and  Independent Instructional Coach with 25+ years in an international environment. She currently lives, works, teaches, and coaches in Denmark – the land of Vikings and Hygge! But, originally from Texas – the Lonestar State.  Not having instructional coaches in the Danish school system has provided her with a unique opportunity to coach teachers independently in Denmark and around the world.

Becca Silver is the founder and CEO of The Whole Educator. She is a highly energetic and knowledgeable trainer who approaches leadership development with transformational coaching skills and strategies. Becca is a former educator, instructional coach, life coach, and executive coach. Her training programs and customized one-on-one coaching work focuses on fostering teacher buy-in and bridging knowledge gaps between leadership and staff.

Mallory is a former early childhood educator and reading specialist, the strong emphasis on reading instruction made the path into literacy coaching seamless. She has had the pleasure of working with teachers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Texas, and Florida, and with each experience, she has been able to not only support incredible educators but see her own practice improve as well. When not working with teachers, she loves to spend her days playing and reading with her two children.

Liz is an educator of 18 years. Her work has been primarily with populations of second language learners in low socioeconomic schools. As an Academic Coach, she focuses on English Language Development and literacy. She is also a lover of STEAM classrooms where students can learn through hands on experiences and collaboratively build language and learning. She is married with two teenagers and a doggy. Usually, you can find her working on her doctorate, coaching teachers, or shuttling kids around.

Iesha is the owner of Just Lead and Learn LLC where she serves administrators and instructional leaders on coaching as leaders. Her 13+ years of experience as a K-12 teacher, instructional coach, and current role as an inner-city assistant principal in Indianapolis, IN has lead her to share her passion for leading and coaching. In addition to her previous roles, she spent time overseas teaching Hungarian students English. Iesha is currently pursuing her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.  Iesha loves spending time with her family and in basketball gyms with her teenage son.

Join us for the BONUS LIVE Workshops BEFORE the Summit...

Social Emotional Learning in Coaching: The Basics to Survive then Thrive

Join Nicole S. Turner from Simply Coaching and Teaching for a LIVE workshop on October 5, 2021, at 8 pm Eastern to dig into the Social Emotional Learning in Coaching Series.  Nicole will dig into the basics of SEL for Adults and introduce ways you can start to support your teachers TODAY!

Social Emotional Learning in Coaching: The Key To Unlock Your Teacher’s Ability to Learn Again

Join Chrissy Beltran from Buzzing with Ms. B for a LIVE workshop on November 2, 2021, at 8 pm Eastern to dig into the Social Emotional Learning in Coaching Series.  Chrissy will dig into the keys of SEL for Adults and give you strategies to support your teachers!

Social Emotional Learning in Coaching: Developing a Plan to Support the needs of teachers All Year

Join Gretchen Bridgers from Always A Lesson for a LIVE workshop on December 7, 2021, at 8 pm Eastern to dig into the Social Emotional Learning in Coaching Series.  Gretchen will dig into the topic of SEL for Adults and give help you develop a continuous plan to support your teachers for the rest of the school year!

Summit Schedule

Recorded sessions will be released at 9:00 am EST. There will be 2 LIVE sessions. The first LIVE session takes place at 10:00 am EST Keynote by Steve Ventura and the second LIVE session takes place at 3:00 pm EST Presenter Panel.

Welcome video from Nicole S. Turner

A link will be provided to the LIVE session with the Presenters.  Participants will be able to ask questions to the panelist live. 

This session helps with planning a coaching conversation with teachers. It will help coaches to reflect on the conversation before it happens to deepen the impact.

In this session, teacher leaders will:

1. Uncover common mistakes of running professional learning communities [PLC's]

2. Gain strategies to make PLC's productive and efficient

3. Create a long-term plan to implement transformational PLC's at their school sites immediately

We are halfway through another year of unknowns, and it's important that we are still tracking where we are in our curriculum, standard mastery, and pacing guides. In this session, I will guide coaches and instructional leaders through some mid-year pulse check processes for them to take back to school with them in January to implement immediately.

Co-teaching can be a challenge for instructional coaches, but it's one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox! In this session, I'll share tips and ideas for making co-teaching work for you and the teacher. Learn about how to prepare and plan together, what roles you can serve during a co-taught lesson, and how to turn the experience into learning for you and the teacher!

Are you a new coach trying to provide feedback to teachers? It’s hard to know how and when to give feedback to teachers! What if I told you that there was a difference between coaching and feedback? In this session, I’ll walk you through when to coach teachers and when the right time is to give feedback! Once you know the difference and the purpose of coaching and feedback, you’ll be more effective in helping teachers change their instructional practices!

Do you remember the first person you worked with within your career? Well, Tammy was mine. She believed in my potential as a young coordinator who had no idea what I was doing. I was so nervous about meeting with her because; I had no idea how to do what I do, but she made me feel like a rockstar after our first session. Her words helped shaped me into the person I am today. She made me feel like an edu celebrity every time I walked into her room, or she emailed me. This will probably be the most challenging session I ever lead, but I must do it. I will be sharing the art of coaching. We will talk about all of these things I do and learned from Tammy. I will walk through how to coach and be successful in coaching. Tammy always called me a teacher of teachers, never a coach or coordinator.

Do you find yourself traveling to support multiple campuses? Coaches sometimes can find themselves in the position of being one of the lucky ones that serve multiple campuses! I like to reframe this challenge as a positive, rather than an obstacle. I like to see it as we get the honor of being able to impact even more teachers and students across multiple campuses! Although this is an honor and privilege, there are a few things a coach spread across multiple campuses has to think through and figure out to maximize their time and impact. From how to provide equitable coaching to the many teachers across the campus, to organizing the coaching work so that it is efficient and flowing, to even how to form organic partnerships when you do have that many teachers to be responsible for coaching and supporting. In this session I’ll share with coaches, who like me, have multiple coaching homes (or campuses) and how we can think through organic and authentic ways to establish partnerships early on with the multiple teachers we are coaching & supporting; allowing educators to see our coaching value and begin forming trusting relationships with us. I even want to share a few helpful strategies that coaches who serve multiple campuses can use to help keep their coaching work organized and effective.

Planning meaningful professional development can be overwhelming for new instructional coaches and facilitators. How do you make the learning meaningful? How do you keep adult learners engaged? How do you ensure the learning gets carried over into the classroom? These questions will be answered in this session which will cover the following topics: Understanding the adult learner Creating a sense of purpose for learning Preparing meaningful and engaging learning Launching participants toward success The goal is to provide participants with knowledge and tools for teaching adults so that they feel confident in planning and facilitating professional learning of teachers.

Clarity is very important for a professional learning community to work together to be a high-performing team. Teams need clear expectations and shared goals. I will share my PLC journey and explain five strategies that will help increase the impact of your professional learning communities by adding clarity to the PLC process.

The key to successful coaching is building solid relationships. No matter how much you know, without strong relationships, change, growth, and forward progress are very difficult. Overview:

(1) relationships are important,

(2) coaching styles, and

(3) linking styles to specific tools and strategies to build relationships that will transform their coaching experience.

The session will begin understanding relationships, their importance and the aspects of strong partnerships. Jim Knight identifies partnership as the first of “Seven Success Factors for Great Instructional Coaches”. Some of the ideas we will discuss, supported by Jim Knight’s work, include equity, voice, choice, dialogue, and reciprocity.

Coaching styles include facilitative, dialogical and directive. No matter the style of your district or your personality, relationships are central to the success of the coaching relationship. Key characteristics of each will be shared so participants can decide the strategy and tools they will use.

The session will give participants tools and strategies to build relationships that reflect best practices that match their coaching style. Much like my video, I will be vulnerable with the audience about mistakes I have made along the way. This will support the narrative that they too can make mistakes (and so can their teachers).

Did you know research shows virtual coaching is just as effective, or possibly even more effective than face-to-face coaching? Join this session to learn more about starting a virtual coaching program or tweaking an existing program. Participants will leave with a ton of resources to help them reach more teachers, coach more effectively, and be more efficient. Examples of resources include video flyers, coaching cycle, coaching plan overview, documentation, roles and responsibilities, surveys, and coaching summaries. An asynchronous course for developing a virtual coaching program will also be shared. You don’t want to miss this session!

The research is clear: Structured Literacy and a systematic, explicit approach to foundational skills is the best method for teaching ALL students how to read and extrapolate meaning from texts. Join us for this session as we review the major research findings and discuss ways in which we, as instructional coaches, can guide and support our teachers as they shift away from Balanced Literacy & Whole Language methodologies and learn new routines and instructional approaches rooted in the "science of reading" evidence-based practices. Participants will receive resources/ suggestions regarding collaborative norms, structured literacy planning tools, as well as instructional routines and materials.

FAlLURE is not an option; What is a reentry plan and why do we need one?

After any school break, teachers and coaches need to find their way back into the classrooms and into their routines. The reentry process always requires a focus on four key areas of resetting: restitution, recharging, redefining, and reentry planning.

However, following this pandemic, the path to reentry has become cloudy and difficult to navigate. Schools are not always providing the guidance needed, and the definition of normal keeps changing.

Without a clear plan, the risk of stress, burnout, and disenchantment increase.

Therefore, teachers and coaches alike need to create their own reEntry plans that are personalized, detailed, and flexible with built-in momentum boosters to keep them on track. This holds true for ANY reentry – whether it be a long summer break or an extended weekend. And you need a plan every time!

This session will give coaches:

1. Clear actionable steps to create personalized reEntry plans for themselves.

2. Tips on how to support teachers in creating their reEntry plans.

3. Strategies to navigate the new normal – whatever that ends up being!

4. Guidelines for creating momentum boosters to keep everyone on track.

5. Purposeful measures to avoid burnout and stay enchanted with the world of education!

Whether it’s the beginning of the year or the middle of the year, showing up at a new campus and knowing exactly what to do is difficult to pinpoint. I’ll break down my must-dos for showing up as a new coach or at a new school. Building trusting relationships will be at the forefront of every decision you make as a coach. Learn to strategically build relationships while laying the groundwork for who you are as a coach.

The session title is Measuring Your Impact as an Instructional Coach. The objective of this session is to support coaches by exploring how they can be intentional and reflective coaches.

We explore the following points:

1. Why we must be reflective practitioners

2. Ways to measure your effectiveness and impact

3. Action steps after receiving feedback from coaching sessions and professional development

Teachers may shy away from EL strategy implementation because they are overwhelmed, need support figuring out where to start, don’t know strategies that will meet the needs of their English Learners, or maybe they only have one or two EL students so they just pull them aside and teach them without regularity. Do these sound familiar? We will work on three strategies that are easy to implement, help meet the needs of EL’s at any stage of their development, and can be used across all curriculum allowing students to build academic language throughout the day. Because they are easy and support language growth teachers will feel confident applying these strategies throughout their day. Also, I will give you three tips that will help you get into the classroom and get the teachers applying these strategies. Join me to learn about three easy-to-implement strategies that build language and three tips to get teachers using them!

Have you been experiencing unproductive behaviors from your stressed-out teachers during the pandemic? Neuroscience explains why that is happening! Come learn the reasons behind these unusual behaviors and highly effective strategies that will empower your exhausted and frustrated teachers. This will not add to your plate, or theirs! As their coach, you are the content expert. Let's remove barriers that will make your coaching even more effective.

What People Are Saying...

"I have been an instructional coach for 5 years and have found it challenging to find PD that is designed specifically for coaches. This Summit gave me exactly what I needed to grow as a coach. I'm excited and inspired to implement the actionable take-aways. I loved being able to pause the videos and create some of the strategies that I needed immediately. I'm already looking forward to the next Summit!"

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Instructional Coach

"These sessions were extremely valuable and timely. I am encouraging my fellow coaches to attend."

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"This was so helpful to me as a new instructional coach! I can't wait for next year!"

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