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The Simply Coaching Summit "RESET" was created to give Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders + Instructional Leaders a boost of confidence in coaching mid-year!

This ONE DAY ONLINE event will give you the “How To” in the best Instructional Coaching Practices. The presenters are coaching currently in the field and will equip you with the tools needed and give you the exclusive insight into the world of instructional coaching to increase student achievement by supporting classroom teachers across the world.

Our summit is the first online conference dedicated exclusively to Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders + Instructional Leaders.

You can attend this event virtually from anywhere in the world.

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Keynote Speaker & Host Nicole S. Turner

Nicole S. Turner is an author and Founding CEO at Simply Coaching + Teaching, LLC. She is the creator of the Simply Coaching Summit, the first and only virtual summit exclusively for instructional coaches and teacher leaders and the author of "Simply Instructional Coaching". In addition, she serves teachers and students in the capacity of an Instructional Coach in Indianapolis, IN. Nicole has 15 years of K-12 classroom and leadership experience from classroom teacher to school improvement and turnaround specialist for the Indiana Department of Education and many roles in between. 

Special Interview with Dr. Catlin Tucker

Dr. Catlin Tucker is a bestselling author, international trainer, and keynote speaker. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2010 in Sonoma County, where she taught for 16 years. Catlin earned her doctorate in learning technologies at Pepperdine University. Currently, Catlin is working as a blended learning coach and education consultant. Catlin has written a series of bestselling books on blended learning, which include Balance With Blended Learning, Blended Learning In Action, Power Up Blended Learning, and Blended Learning In Grades 4-12. She is active on Twitter @Catlin_Tucker and writes an internationally ranked blog at CatlinTucker.com.

Session Presenters

Gretchen Bridgers

Gretchen is an elementary educator turned teacher coach and trainer. She has taught grades 2,3 and 5 in a large, urban school district. Gretchen later worked with The New Teacher Project [TNTP] at TEACH Charlotte to coach new teachers in grades K-12. She now speaks at various educational conferences, provides professional development to schools and districts nationwide as well as virtually coaches teachers and teacher leaders under her own company, Always A Lesson. 

Chissy Beltran

Chrissy Beltran, creator of Buzzing with Ms. B, is an educational consultant & coach. She spends her days working with teachers and coaches to engage their students in quality reading and writing experiences, creating resources to support teachers in planning and delivering exciting lessons, and blogging at buzzingwithmsb.com! Chrissy spent 14 years in K-5 education in El Paso, Texas as a teacher and instructional coach. She is also a mom to a very bossy toddler and wife to her long-suffering husband.

Nita Creekmore

Nita Creekmore is an Instructional Coach who lives just outside Atlanta, GA. Nita is originally from Woodbridge, Virginia. She taught in grades 1, 2 and 5 for 13 years before becoming an Elementary School Instructional Coach. Nita obtained her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2002 and her Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership in 2013. In the 16 years she has been in education, she truly believes that in all aspects of the field, relationships must always come first.

Melanie Matthews

Melanie is an educator with over two decades of experience teaching students and training educators. She is a national trainer, consultant, instructional coach and speaker who love improving teachers' instructional capacity. During her journey, she has worked with schools, districts, and organizations serving as a thought partner and leader in improving the quality of instruction.

Crystal Ceresani

Mrs. Crystal Ceresani is an instructional coach turned Asst. Principal in South Georgia. Crystal helps teachers dig into data and its uses, implement new strategies, and promote differentiation as a norm in the classroom. It is her mission to continue to help teachers grow and to share ways to use data in the school and classroom to best know where students are and how to best reach them. 

Allison Peterson

Allison is the founder of Faithful Coaching & Consulting. She helps independent schools start instructional coaching programs, and provides training and support for instructional coaches. She recently launched the #NewtoCoaching Facebook Group to support and encourage new coaches. Allison has been an instructional coach for six years and currently works as a K-12 Instructional Coach at an independent school in Florida.

Dr. Amy Illingworth

Amy Illingworth, EdD, is a lifelong educator, a learner, a coach, and a leader. Her leadership vision is to create equitable learning opportunities where student and adult learners thrive. She has served as a teacher, literacy coach, and an administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and has taught at the graduate school level. She currently serves as the assistant superintendent of educational services in the Encinitas Union School District in California.

Adam Juarez

Adam Juarez is an active edtech coach and co-author of “The Complete EdTech Coach: An Organic Approach to Supporting Digital Learning”.  He facilitates professional learning across the nation and conducts in-class coaching in his district. Adam has published articles/blogs for ISTE, ACSA Leadership magazine, GoGuardian, and CUE.  Adam taught middle school and high school U.S. and World History, in addition to coaching both boys and girls soccer.  He is a Google Certified Trainers/Innovators, Newsela Certified Educator, Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, mentor for the Google Certified Innovator program, CVCUE board member, and was a finalist for the CUE LeRoy Finkel Fellowship. Adam was featured as one of 30 K-12 IT influencers worth a follow in 2020.

Katherine Goyette

Katherine Goyette is an active edtech coach and co-authors of “The Complete EdTech Coach: An Organic Approach to Supporting Digital Learning”. She facilitates professional learning across the nation and conduct in-class coaching in her district.  Katherine has published articles/blogs for ISTE, ACSA Leadership magazine, GoGuardian, and CUE.   Katherine is a former elementary classroom teacher and administrator. She began her educational career as a music teacher for infants through adults.  She is a Google Certified Trainers/Innovators, Newsela Certified Educator, Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, mentor for the Google Certified Innovator program, CVCUE board member, and was a finalist for the CUE LeRoy Finkel Fellowship.  Katherine was the primary writer for California’s inaugural computer science standards and is the founding president of CSTA - CA Central Valley.

Panel of Experts

Cory Camp

Cory is an educator passionate about transforming education at all levels.  As a teacher, Cory worked in inclusive and special education settings and found purpose in advocating for struggling learners and supporting fellow teachers to meet the needs of all learners. 

Since leaving the classroom to work at district, regional, state, and national levels, her purpose has become a mission to change the way we learn and collaborate as educators. She has supported schools and organizations interested in transforming learning for both students and adults and, as Director of Professional Learning for Sibme–an online learning platform, she specializes in helping schools and organizations design and implement virtual, blended, and video-enhanced professional learning.

Ebony Flott

Ebony Flott is an elementary instructional coach in Georgia’s largest school district. During her 18 years in the field of education, she has served in the roles of classroom teacher, literacy and math specialist, district trainer, and instructional coach. As an instructional coach, Ebony supports teachers by providing job-embedded professional learning, leading collaborative planning, and helping teams analyze and act upon student data. When conducting face-to-face and virtual coaching cycles, she partners with individual teachers and teams of teachers to improve the quality of instruction and increase student achievement. Committed to continuous
improvement, Ebony serves on school, cluster, and district instructional leadership teams. A passion for empowering teachers to improve student learning outcomes is at the heart of her work as an instructional coach. This wife and mother of three also loves music, movies, and books.

Shannon Buerk

Shannon Buerk has emerged as an industry thought leader of organizational culture, helping educators to utilize the tools of performance-based professional coaching and intentional design to elevate the performance of public school districts nationwide. Passionate about equity of the learner experience, Shannon believes that neighborhood schools are the heart of a free, thriving society, and she is committed to ensuring that they are the first choice for all families. With 28 years of K-12 experience, Shannon has led a thriving organization since 2011 that has partnered with 225 school districts–impacting 2.3 million public education students to date. She continues to lead her diverse and talented team of 50 mission-minded members through responsive iterations to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment and its accompanying context.

Summit Schedule

Recorded sessions will be released at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Eastern. There will be 2 LIVE sessions. The first LIVE session takes place at 10:00 am Presenter Panel and the second LIVE session takes place at 3:30 pm Expert Panel.

Welcome video from Nicole S. Turner

Dr. Catlin Tucker and Nicole S. Turner discuss questions from the field when it comes to blended coaching, blended learning, and supporting teachers during this time.  They also present tips and suggestions on how coaches can use what they already know about virtual coaching to set a new standard for coaching. 

Relationships are the foundation of our coaching work. Without the power of relationships, it is almost impossible to move forward in our work. Nita Creekmore will be discussing the importance of relationships, ways to grow, and cultivate relationships with teachers both virtually, hybrid, and face-to-face. She will also discuss the importance of the relationship with yourself.

Are you struggling to observe and provide feedback to teachers in a meaningful way? Virtual leading and learning has changed the landscape for how teacher leaders support teachers. Previous methods used to provide professional development or deliver instructional feedback are no longer applicable or accessible. However, this doesn’t mean teacher leaders stop motivating and supporting teacher growth. This session will provide actionable tips for how to continue promoting the development of teachers in authentic ways. You will gain confidence and clarity for how to best support teacher growth during remote learning.

How many times have teachers left a PLC trying to figure out what they were supposed to accomplish and feeling more confused and overwhelmed when they arrived? In this session, we'll talk about the process for facilitating purposeful PLCs whether you're planning, reviewing student work, learning, or reviewing data together. We'll talk about tools for virtual PLCs, too, so you can be prepared whether you're coaching in person or online!

A link will be provided to the LIVE session with the Presenters.  Participants will be able to ask questions to the panelist live. 

In the midst of school closures, reopenings, and everything in between, digital learning has become a necessity for all educators. As coaches, how can we support but not overwhelm those we serve in regards to educational technology (edtech). Leave this session with an organic philosophy for edtech coaching, solid pedagogical context, tools for network building, and logistics for the job. Organic edtech coaching emerges naturally when coaches spend the time to observe teaching and learning in its natural habitat, whether it be virtual or physical. In this session, learn how to personalize tech integration for the educators you work with, in a way that empowers and validates them as educators. In this session, learn to guide teachers in designing learning experiences through the lens of the 4 Cs. When you lead the 4 Cs, the tech takes care of itself. We lead with learning, never with tech. Technology moves more quickly than we can keep up with. Build your capacity to leverage networks of experts in edtech. Learn go-to edtech social media gurus who are eager to share their knowledge with you. What does this look like in practice? Learn as we share our experiences of how we navigate edtech coaching on a daily basis. Leave this session with strategies for being a walking coach, connecting with tech-hesitant teachers, building your PLN, and designing an edtech coaching vehicle.

As an Instructional Coach, you have been told over and over that building relationships is where you start. So you’ve been working hard at it. But you’re not sure if it’s really working. And you’re not sure if you are really connecting with people or just making small talk. Relationships can be hard to build, but I have a secret tool that will help you connect better with teachers! In this session, I’ll share with you the secret tool that will help you build meaningful relationships with teachers and help you learn to bring out the best in every teacher you coach.

Every school is facing students opting for a virtual option, going into quarantine or isolation, and/or having the entire school close throughout the year. Balancing this can be overwhelming for the teachers and the schools, and coaches are needed more now than ever in helping teachers adapt to all the new. In this session, Crystal shares one school district’s strategy for meeting the needs of students in traditional school while also balancing a virtual option. She will share strategies and tips to help you guide your teachers in balancing both traditional and virtual schools.

Inhale slowly for three counts, hold for three counts, and now exhale for three counts. That's right, breathe. This virtual coaching thing has taken most of us for a loop but you're still here! Surviving Virtual Coaching will give you the boost you need to continue coaching virtually with confidence. This session will address common concerns such as how to know you're being an effective coach during this time, what to do when you think there's nothing to do, which is the best coaching model to use, and much more. I’ll also share with you a nifty way to gauge your growth that will help you be a better coach for the teachers you support.

Join the Coach ADVenture! In this session, we will explore the role of instructional coach, the power of building trust and forming meaningful relationships, with a focus on strength-based coaching, in a traditional and virtual environment. Every educator can serve in the role of the coach, with the right frame of mind and support!

A link will be provided to the LIVE session with the EXPERTS. Participants will be able to ask live questions to the panelist.

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"I have been an instructional coach for 5 years and have found it challenging to find PD that is designed specifically for coaches. This Summit gave me exactly what I needed to grow as a coach. I'm excited and inspired to implement the actionable take-aways. I loved being able to pause the videos and create some of the strategies that I needed immediately. I'm already looking forward to the next Summit!"

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"These sessions were extremely valuable and timely. I am encouraging my fellow coaches to attend."

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