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July 12-14, 2021

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What's the Simply Coaching Summit?

The Simply Coaching Summit was created to empower Instructional Coaches and Instructional Leaders to gain the “How To” in the best Instructional Coaching Practices. The Speakers and Presenters of this conference will equip you with the tools needed and give you the exclusive insight into the world of instructional coaching to increase student achievement by supporting classroom teachers across the world.

Our summit is the first online conference dedicated exclusively to Instructional Coaches and Instructional Leaders.

You can attend this event virtually from anywhere in the world.

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The Simply Coaching Summit is a combination of Live and Pre-recorded Content released over a 3-day Conference (July 12-14, 2021).

Live Content

Each morning a live keynote address will start the day at 10:00 am eastern and end with a closing "Virtual Happy Hour" Facebook Live with Nicole and a few presenters at 3:30 pm Eastern

Live sessions will be added to the Simply Coaching Summit Website after they take place.


Each day, you will login to watch sessions on the Simply Coaching Summit website.

Morning Sessions will be released at 9 am. Afternoon Sessions will be released each day at 1 pm EST. 


  • 42 Hours of Professional Development

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Access to Presenters and Instructional Coaches Community in Exclusive Pop-up Facebook Group

  • Giveaways from Sponsors and Nicole each week leading up to the conference Starting the first week in June 2021

  • Access to all Sessions, Keynotes, and Content for 3 months.

Pricing - Two Options

Summit Ticket + Coaching Foundations Video Hub - 10 Foundational Videos and Forms to help build your foundation as an instructional coach and teacher leader.

Launch Week Rate $64

March 21, 2021 - March 27, 2021

Early Bird Rate - $74

March 28, 2021 - June 30, 2021

Regular Rate - $94

July 1, 2021 - July 11, 2021

At the Door Rate - $114

July 12, 2021 - July 31, 2021



Launch Week Rate

ONLY $37

March 21, 2021 - March 27, 2021

Early Bird Rate - $47

March 28, 2021 - June 30, 2021

Regular Rate - $67

July 1, 2021 - July 11, 2021

At the Door Rate - $87

July 12, 2021 - July 31, 2021


 Purchase Order and Group Rate

Schools and Districts that would like to register and pay for attendees can begin the PO Process by completing the PO request form.  PO's are processed every Wednesday.  If you are registering more than10 attendees please email [email protected]  

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Your Host

Nicole S. Turner

Nicole is an educational consultant, author, owner and creative director at Simply Coaching + Teaching, LLC. She is the creator of the Simply Coaching Summit, the first and only virtual summit exclusively for instructional coaches and teacher leaders and the author of "Simply Instructional Coaching". In addition, she serves teachers and students in the capacity of an Instructional Coach in Indianapolis, IN. Nicole has 15 years of K-12 classroom and leadership experience from classroom teacher to school improvement and turnaround specialist for the Indiana Department of Education and many roles in between.

Keynote Speakers

Jim Knight, Sherry St. Clair, Lanesha Tabb, Naomi O'Brien, Chrissy Beltran Ceniceros, Brian Dinkins, and Micheal Sonbert

What others are saying...

"I have been an instructional coach for 5 years and have found it challenging to find PD that is designed specifically for coaches. This Summit gave me exactly what I needed to grow as a coach. I'm excited and inspired to implement the actionable take-aways. I loved being able to pause the videos and create some of the strategies that I needed immediately. I'm already looking forward to the next Summit!"

"This was PD at my fingertips that I could easily access at anytime. It allowed me to learn and collaborate with experts at my own pace. The topics were diverse and inclusive. The presenters were approachable and truly wanted to support the participants. It created a network of individuals and resources that are invaluable."

"The Simply Coaching Summit helped me to feel prepared for my first year as an Instructional Coach. Being able to pause, rewind, and skip around in the videos meant that I could take notes and explore additional resources. I collected countless ideas for structuring my program, planning my time, and building relationships. It also helped me to build a support network."

Session Presenters

Virtual Summit Schedule

July 12, 2021

LIVE Keynote Session - 10:00 am Eastern

Sherry St. Clair

Special Kickoff LIVE Keynote Session - 1:30 pm Eastern

Brian Dinkins

Full Sessions

Coaching Survival Skills

Lindsay Deacon & Angela Scotto Harkness

Kick Your Coaching Up a Notch

Gretchen Bridgers

MathVentures: Teacher-Coach Investigations to Grow Students as Mathematicians

Sue Chapman and Mary Mitchell

Coaching Teachers to use Diverse Read Alouds in the classroom

Nita Creekmore

The 6 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Coach

Allison Petersen

Coaching Teachers to Create Meaningful Assessments

Crystal Ceresani

Inspired by the Eighties: Eight Stellar Ways to Maintain Teacher AND Student Relationships

Megan Martin

The Five Whys

Krista Davison

Leading and Learning

 Eva Mireles

Micro Sessions

Developing your Coaching Craft to Find the Coach Within YOU!

Samantha Shields

Hybrid Learning Made Equitable

Cinthia Rios-Sparrow & Jordy Tollefson

Creating Manageable Systems for Differentiating Goals: Reading and Writing Workshop

Jamie Lilly & Hardeep Juttla

Building a Positive Math Mindset Community through Coaching

Beth Segner

Connecting the Dots: Building digital pathways to meaningful relationships

Kimberly Eure & Margaret Harris-Shoates

July 13, 2021

LIVE Keynote Session - 10:00 am Eastern

Micheal Sonbert

Recorded Keynote

Lanesha Tabb & Naomi O'Brien

Full Sessions

Black History Month Ended. It Can't

Dr. Taryn Fletcher

Finding Your Voice as a Coach

Kim Cofino

Designing Professional Development to Engage All Learners In-Person and Virtually

Latoya Reed

10 Tips for Teaching with Mentor Texts

Jen Jones

Addressing Teacher Stress & Anxiety

Shelby Denman

Routines and Habits

Brian Sepe

Empowering Learning & Leading Through Asynchronous Choice PD

Samantha Olson-Wyman & Stephanie Cifuentes

Embody a Coaching Mindset for Transformational Coaching

Miriam Guerrero Cheuk

Want Growth? Get Great at Supporting, Implementing, and Enhancing Reading Conferences-The Heart of the Reading Block! 

Michael Singletary

Micro Sessions

Guided Writing for the 21st Century Classroom

Chelnor Unsonia Griffin

The Art of Building Relationships before Capacity

Shengnan Ma & Tina Peji

Becoming a Google Certified Coach

Tara Linney

Coaching Teachers To Inspire Lifelong Learners

Kristin Harrington

Finding the Well Within: Implementing Teacher Masterminds to Foster Connection and Build Resilience

Sarah Dugan

July 14, 2021

LIVE Keynote Session - 10:00 am Eastern

Jim Knight

Recorded Keynote

Chrissy Beltran Ceniceros

Full Sessions

Leading Our Own Learning: Create a Coaching PLN

Dr. Stephanie Affinito

Coaching in Special Education: Supports, Strategies and Successes

Melissa Mills & Sarah Westberg

The Secret to Re-Energizing PLCs

Casey Watts

Leveraging Healthy Conflicts and Eliminating Toxic Conflicts within Teams

Dr. Inga Parker

Coaching Teams Through Common Assessment Data Analysis

Christa Evans

Just Show Up: Building Confidence as a New Coach

Monica Carpenter

Leveraging Video in Coaching Conversations

Kirsten Vandegrift & Delrose Adkinson

Building Student to Student Interaction and Accountability

TyWana Thomas Hill

Professional Development in Any Learning Model: Impactful, Empowering and Effective

Julie Newcomer, Heidi Clark, Katy Gibson, Lisa Bienstock, and Matt Lavigne

Micro Sessions

Instructional Coaching - Successes to Share with You

Patti Kowalski & Lisa Capanna

Top 4 Tips for Effective Coaching Conversations

Jessica Crawford

Coaching for Equitable and Engaging Virtual Classrooms

Jessica Nadzam

Better Together: Creating Opportunities for Growth and Fellowship Among Teachers

Valerie Ayers

High Impact Instructional Strategies to Add to Your Teaching Toolbox

Alison Jalufka












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Frequently Asked Questions

The Simply Coaching Summit will take place via the internet. Ticket holders will be able to access and attend the THREE DAY LIVE & PRE-RECORDED EVENT from a computer or mobile device with internet access.